Friday, September 19, 2003


NASA considering replacing aging shuttles with Apollo-style space capsules

CNN SPACE is reporting that NASA may replace its fleet of space shuttles with a new generation of Apollo-type space capsules.

"Certainly we have considerable amount of experience flying with capsules," Dr. John Rogacki, director of NASA's space transportation directorate, told Reuters. "One might say on the capsule side it could be that that design experience may lead to a capsule being available sooner than a winged vehicle."

The notion of resurrecting space capsules, which last launched three decades ago, is gaining favor among astronauts, space agency officials and congressional staffers after the shuttle Columbia disaster that killed seven astronauts on February 1. Unlike shuttles that land like airplanes, capsules splash down in the ocean and must be recovered by ships.

Now if we could only get Lunar landers to return, maybe we could GO SOMEWHERE.


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