Tuesday, September 30, 2003

New spyware masquerades as ecard ...

If you may suspect your loved one of cheating on you, the best way to catch them may be to send them an e-card. It may also be illegal.

CNET NEWS reports that a new software called "LOVER SPY," sends an e-mail greeting card which can lure the targered cheater to a Web site which downloads a Trojan program onto the victim's computer that spys on their computer activity by recording everything from keystrokes, e-mail, chats and even monitors on the user's Webcam.

According to former Justice Department officials, Lover Spy would violate any number of laws designed to protect civil rights: "Loading a trojan horse onto someone's computer without their okay is patently illegal ... it would be a felony."

The best defense is updated antivirus software, and good firewall, and programs like LAVASOFT's AD AWARE which detect the spyware and clean it off.

Though Lover Spy is cheaper than marriage counseling, one has to wonder if the results will doom a marriage more than save it.


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