Friday, October 10, 2003

Music Television may start offering download service

The Financial Times reports that MTV may be considering competing with APPLE's ITunes music store and Napster 2.0 by offering downloads of songs on its websites.

Meanwhile, in a disturbing poll that doesn't bode well for the RIAA, a new Harris poll shows 8 in 10 teens think file-sharing should be legal!

The poll goes on to say that a majority are against the RIAA campaign of terror, and only one in ten teens believe that those who illegally offer copyrighted music to file share should be fined.

Those who download music but have never paid for a download say they download because:

* They only like one or two songs on a CD (59%),
* They want to get music quickly (48%),
* They believe that music is too expensive to buy (46%),
* They want to get music for free (44%),
* They want songs that are not available for sale (40%), and
* They believe that music should be shared (38%).


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