Friday, January 09, 2004

The RIAA now thinks it can impersonate law enforcement in their jihad terrorist campaign - right on down to vests with "RIAA" stenciled on them and official looking I.D. badges (badges? we dont' need no stinking badges!). Granted, the "raids" they conduct are on bonafied pirate vendors, but they can hardly be considered "legal." Stormtrooper tactics. Yeah, that works. Worked for the Empire, didn't it?
(from linkfilter)

UPDATE - HardOCP News has picked up the story by contacting both the Southern California ACLU and the LAPD. It seems that while ACLU is rather skittish about it, the LAPD takes a dim view of amateurs pretending that they are the long arm of the law. So here's hoping that authorities put the fear of God into the RIAA. Nice work guys!


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