Sunday, October 31, 2004

In light of the upcoming election, I thought I'd repost this (from 10-06-03)

New touch screens may do more harm than good

Tuesday's Recall election in California may have it's own villian - hi-tech voting touch screen voting machines.

THE GATE reports that 10 percent of the touch-screen machines in California don't produce paper printouts. And no printouts, experts say, would make a legitimate recount impossible.

In addition, according to a July study by Johns Hopkins and Rice universities, any clever hacker could break into the touch screen machines thereby wiping out legitmate votes or vote multiple times themselves. Researchers found it was theoretically possible to insert "back doors" into software code that would allow hackers -- or insiders -- to change future voters' choices and determine the outcome.

With the mess that was the 2000 Florida Election, and the Rumors that in Chicago people who have been dead for years are still having their voices heard at the ballot box, is this kind of shinanegan beyond the scope of what could happen in the near future?