Thursday, July 10, 2003

A James' Bond Style Timepiece for the rest of us

It isn't that great a secret that I love James Bond movies and the television series "Alias." Before that it was "Mission Impossible."

Why? THE GADGETS! Those cool toys that we all dream we could play with. From the Astin-Martin with an ejector seat and missiles behind the lights to the Lotus which doubles as a submarine. But the coolest Bond gadget for my thinking is the Omega Watch with remote detonator and laser beam. I always wanted one of those.

Granted, THE LAKS MEMORY WATCH doesn't have any of those cool spy features, but what it does have is the ability to store either 32, 64, or 128 MB of data in it's flash drive. AND THAT'S COOL.

the first USB portable memory that you can wear on your wrist.

Compatible with virtually any PC/Mac with a USB port, the LAKS memory watch acts as a hard drive to which you can drag & drop files in the same tried and true fashion as it's cousin the "Thumbdrive."

The specs are fairly straight forward:

* Standard USB interface and 1m extension USB cable.
* Plug and play. Includes driver/software CD.
* LED status indicator.
* Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Linux 2.4 or higher, Mac OS 8.6 or higher
*Reading speed: 1000KB/second. Writing speed: 920KB/second
* Shock proof and anti-static.
* Water resistant
* Citizen 2035 movement with 3-year batterylife.
* 2 year warranty

And the best part? An Analog Watch face with real hands. In the age of being digitally obsessed, it is refreshing to be able to tell time by hour hands again.

And the watch is stylish. A black and chrome face which will go with any fashion - whether a night out with the ladies playing bacarat (like Bond) or an afternoon playing football with the guys.

The LAKS Memory Watch can also be printed with your own logo.

But here's lacking part: It's only USB 1.1 compliant and has a storage capacity of either 32MB, 64MB or 128MB. That may be enough for an average spy in training, but with industry standard being USB 2.0 and capacities reaching a half a gig (512 MB), one hopes that version 2.0 of the LAKS MEMORY WATCH will be as cutting edge as it's design purports.

ER gives it the rating of:


And starting at $65.00 USD (£39.99), it's a steal. And that's no secret.



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