Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the RIAA is taking aim at individuals file sharers in their battle against peer-to-peer file sharing. People who share music files will start facing the legal music as the recording industry will begin suing individuals who make copyrighted sound recordings available on peer-to-peer networks.

"The law is clear ... this activity is illegal, you are not anonymous when you do it, and engaging in it can have real consequences," said RIAA president Cary Sherman.

So tell me CLAY, how is this going to motivate me to give them money for music?

06/26/2003 - 13:11:19 - James DeRuvo
UPDATE - How ironic that in the same week that the RIAA decides to be thugish with it's audience, that Apple announces their iMusic service has passed 5 MILLION downloads/sales. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, GANG, downloadable music is the future and guess what ... PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR IT.


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