Thursday, July 31, 2003

Senator to investigate the RIAAs lawsuits against online music swappers

The Kansas City Star is reporting that the RIAAs lawsuits against online music swappers has been noticed by Washington in a way the RIAA didn't expect. Believing that the RIAAs heavy-handed tactics could ensnare innocent people, Senator Norm Coleman (R - Min) has stepped into the breech and begun an inquiry into the recording industry's copyright lawsuits against online music swappers.

Believing that the music industry has adapted a shotgun approach, Coleman wants to take a look at subponeas and safeguards the RIAA has in place to prevent innocent people from being targeted.

The RIAA has issued 900 federal subpoenas against computer users suspected of illegally sharing music files on the Internet, with roughly 75 new subpoenas being approved each day, court officials say.

Those wanting to know if they're in the RIAAs crosshairs can log onto the Electronic Frontier Foundation Website and check.

While you're at it, join the EFF and help them fight the "big bad" in cyberspace.


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