Thursday, July 24, 2003

Bad news for the Time Warner who has suffered nothing but headaches and controversy since it's marriage to the ISP.

The Washington Post has an interesting article on how AOL has lost nearly ONE MILLION subscribers in the last 3 months!

The article states this is largely due to customers finding less expensive internet options, which isn't too hard to believe since AOL charges nearly $24 a month for DIAL-UP!

However, E-R also believes the loss is largely due to computer users learning just how much AOL sucks as an online service.

Don't get E-R wrong, when first starting out, AOL is a good place to begin when wanting to have access to the internet. It's the Training Wheels of the information super highway. But E-R also knows that an ongoing migration of beginning computer users have grown tired of busy signals, harrassing notes asking if they want to stay online, popups advertising things for sale, and millions of AOL CDs coming in the mail.

But largely, the article is correct. For $24 a month, the dial-up just isn't worth the money.


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