Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Record internet streams with a click

Are you listening live on the Internet? STREAMRIPPER will enable you to capture a stream save it to your hard drive.

Coming out of SOURCEFORGE, that open source think tank for cool applications that you NEED, STREAM RIPPER a WINAMP plug-in is easy to use. You will need WINAMP to use it, but that's a cool audio player you should have anyway.

Once you download the STREAMRIPPER plugin and install it, you start WINAMP, go into your Media Library and start your radio stream. Then, start Streamripper and click the Start button to start recording. When you're done, click stop.

That's it! Streamripper automatically saves each stream to a new folder in Winamp's folder in your Program Files.

UPDATE: Some recent testing with various streams shows that WinAmp won't play all internet streams, therefore your mileage may vary.


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