Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Does the right to sell what you buy exist in the digital age?

An enterprising auctioner and EFF test case is offering a tune he bought at itunes Apple store up for bid! Currently, the bid is over $350 for a .99 download. It'll be interesting to see if eBay let's him sell it.

It raises a few questions: 1) can you resell a tune you actually buy? 2) how do you transfer it? 3) Does Apple or eBay really have the right to tell you that you can't offer a tune you've purchased up for sale? 3) what's the difference between selling a download you bought and selling a CD you bought?

It may be a deliberate act to push the edge of the legal filesharing evelope, but it does make one wonder ....

[Fri Sep 05, 08:35:35 AM]

UPDATE: eBay mutes iTunes song auction
eBay has canceled the auction saying the attempted sale "violated its listing policies."

So now the question becomes how badly does the auctioneer want to make a point?

Let the games begin.


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