Friday, September 12, 2003

TVs can tell you where they are

One time I had a problem with my cable box. I called technical support and the support guy began talking to me THROUGH the box! That phreaked me out to carry on a conversation with a cable box. Then, I realized the power being able to do this and how it could be perverted to violate privacy rights.

Now, CNN TECH is reporting that televisions, DVD players and computers could be fitted with microchips identifying their location - automatically alerting police if they change unexpectedly (forgetting to inform the cops your moving could be entertaining ...).

Now imagine the Department of Homeland Security monitoring what you watch on television under the Patriot Act? Imagine a chip like that in your car stereo which will enable them to track your movements?

I'm not talking black helicopters, here, I'm just pointing out that in order to stay free, we must be eternally vigilant that cutting edge crime fighting tools don't get misused.

You really wanna freak out, rent ENEMY OF THE STATE and see what I mean.


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