Friday, September 05, 2003

Set to offer Anmesty to file-sharers

CNN TECH is reporting that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) may be cowering under the shadow of the 800lb. gorilla.

The RIAA, which is facing a possible Senate investigation by Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman, is expected to announce next week an amnesty program for people who admit they illegally share music files across the Internet. The RIAA, which currently has targeted over 1600 "Napsters" for copyright violations, will agree not to sue in exchange for an admission and pledge to delete the songs off computers. The offer will not apply to those the RIAA is currently seeking to make an example to those who don't get the message.

Other signs that the RIAA civil strategy may be faltering is the 31% decline in sales over the past year and Universal Music Groups's decision to LOWER CD prices to a price point of what they hope will be about $9.99 each - which they hope will "move listeners away from their computers and into the music stores."


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