Thursday, October 16, 2003

New FCC Rule on Digital video just what the MPAA ordered

The Post is reporting that the FCC is on the verge of giving Hollywood just what it's paid for - a new rule to prevent consumers from copying digital video shows.

Known as the "broadcast flag" rule - which Hollywood insists are necessary to combat video piracy - it would require that personal computers and other consumer electronics devices contain technology to help block Internet piracy of digital entertainment and would also would force consumers to purchase new equipment if they wanted to record enhanced digital-quality television programs and replay them on other machines.

The broadcast flag puts computer code in digital television signals which could only be read by "compliant" devices - which Hollywood is seeking development and manufacturing control of.

The rule would not affect consumers who record shows the old-fashioned way, with VCRs. Nor would it affect programming received on a cable or satellite system, in part because consumers pay for that content.

Well, at least that's something.


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