Friday, October 10, 2003

Making a film in 3 days is impossible ... it's also cool

It's the the coolest filmmaking competition around. It's called the National Film Challenge. Teams from all around the country are answering the call to write, produce, score, edit and deliver a completed short film in just under 3 days.

The competition begins when organizers send teams a film genre and a list of required elements: prop, character and line of dialogue. The team then hits the ground running - writing, casting, filming, and editing an 8 minute film.
The 10 Best films go on a DVD compilation of the Best of the National Film Challenge 2003, and earn a spot in a prestigious film festival in Austin later in the year.

Regardless, everyone deserves credit for not only answering the challenge, but for accomplishing it. About 15% of the teams won't finish. And of those that do, some of the films may be god aweful. But that isn't the point. Because there is always a few diamonds in the rough that get noticed. And for them, they may get the exposure they've worked all their lives to get.

The Challenge is October 17-20th all around the USA. Teams will get their notes at 7pm on Friday night the 17th, and must have their completed project postmarked by Monday at NOON on the 20th.

I'll be directing mine so stay tuned on how it ends up.


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