Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Sacramento lobbyists for the motion picture industry are planning to launch an all-out effort to block passage of a bill aimed at allowing Internet users to maintain anonymity when they make statements on line that could be considered libelous or violate trade secrets.

Under the bill, which has already passed the California Assembly and is now being considered by the Senate, Internet Service Providers would be required to notify customers if they receive subpoenas seeking their identities. The customers would then be given 30 days to challenge the subpoenas. According to today's (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times, film executives are concerned that the law would make it more difficult for the film industry to ferret out Internet users who offer and/or download movies online.


So let me get this straight, Hollywood doesn't want Americans to have the right to DEFEND THEMSELVES IN COURT?

Sounds like it's time to vote with the pocketbook again!


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