Tuesday, September 23, 2003

England Corporation bans use of email in cost cutting move

CNNTECH has a report on a British company, Phones 4u, which has taken the drastic step of BANNING EMAIL in an effort to cut costs and improve productivity.

Believing that up to 3 hours a day is wasted by employees using email, John Caudwell, the multi-millionaire owner estimates the ban will save at least £1 million (pounds) a month in saved time.

"Phones 4u staff have been told to get off the keyboards, get face-to-face or on to the phone to colleagues," said Caldwell, who is of the opinion that customer loyalty will benefit from a better, more personal, service.

Phones 4u can still be contacted via e-mail because only internal mailing had been banned.

We'll see if this catches on. If so, could banning the internet be next in a giant leap backward?


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