Thursday, June 05, 2003

Anyone who is a fan of LEGO STUDIOS has been shocked to learn that not only does the program not work with Windows XP, Lego has taken steps to stop supporting the product altogether. This is extremely unfortunate as LEGO STUDIOS is a great product to get kids interested in filmmaking. Developed in cooperation with Stephen Spielberg, LEGO STUDIOS teaches kids not only the techniques of live action filmmaking, but of STOP MOTION ANIMATION as well. At one point, LEGO.COM had a filmschool presence on their website where one could screen films made with L.S. And some where pretty darn good, based on Indiana Jones, Spiderman, and even Star Wars. It's been used rather prolificly by some filmmakers as BRICK FILMS.

The product is still for sale in the marketplace - and even on if you search under store specials - and E.R. recommends it highly. And although Lego is quietly dropping support for the product, users can get an XP version patch of the software by emailing or contacting LEGO here.