Friday, January 07, 2005


As I thought, according to a story at, Pretentious Steve is set to announce that flash ipods are coming.

Made from 1 and 2 gigabite FLASH DRIVES - bascially, like a flash memory card. It'll use the same interface as the ipod mini, only a few lines shorter and will sell for $149 (1GB) and $199 (2GB) respectively.

I'm sorry, but that's WAY too much. Considering you can get the High Test Model for not much more.


Wired has it's 2004 Vapor Awards and no one is spared. IBM, Apple, ATI, Alienware, even 3D Labs gets nailed for promising the moon and not delivering on time.


It's an iPod alright ... sort of. Well, half of one at least. Trouble is, it isn't from APPLE!

I love innovation. Somebody decides the hell with waiting for Steve Jobs, they'll just figure out how to make it an after market accessory! And it works with Windows, too!


Check out the trailer to IN GOOD COMPANY here. Promises to be a great date flick.

The movie stars Dennis Quaid ("Flight of the Phoenix"), Scarlett Johansson ("Lost in Translation") and Topher Grace ("That 70s Show").

I'll have a review up soon.


Blogging will be light for awhile since I got nabbed for jury duty. It may be a day of boredom or a week of criminal trial. Nonetheless, I'll be trying to blog the experience at So, swing by if you wish to share my pain.

Meanwhile, surgeons are using photo iPods to store medical images. Thieves have found the perfect fence - EBAY. And Canada is thinking about blocking the internet.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


The Cell Phones for Soldiers program was started by thirteen year old Brittany Bergquist and her twelve year old brother Robbie of Norwell MA. After hearing a news report about a local soldier who ran up a massive phone bill calling home from Iraq, they decided they wanted to do something to help. Brittany and Robbie donated their snack money and went to the bank to open an account.

The South Shore Savings Bank in Norwell donated $500.00 to help them get started. Their goal is to help our soldiers serving overseas call home. They hope to provide as many soldiers as possible with prepaid calling cards for now, with an ultimate goal of providing banks of cell, satellite, or VOIP communications. They have already distributed calling cards to soldiers in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Jim Kelly, Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is a proud sponsor of Cell Phones for Soldiers. With Jim's help not only will you be helping soldiers call home, you will be saving money at the same time.